eating chicken soup with strawberries omg. wszyscy teraz reblogują haikyuu bo jest nowe. pamiętam jeszcze te czasy kiedy blogi naruto reblogowały free i snk. sama się przeistoczyłam z naruto do .... nawet sama nie wiem czym jestem xd niedługo będą 2 sezony prawie wszystkiego to wtedy dopiero będzie ;p

Nie powinno się mieszać fandomów w mojej skromnej opinii. To strasznie dekoncentruje. :x

Kuroko no Basuke 2
Episode 25

Meteor Jam.



the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


why do you reblogg haikyuu on your kuroko no basuke tumblrs
it’s like
eating chicken soup with strawberries


Has the divine Aomine Daiki taken over your life? 

Do you wish to find others who share your love 
for this giant basketball idiot? Look no further. Welcome to The Church of Daiki

The Rules:

• Worship the Daiki. That’s it. You’re accepted.

The Benefits:

• Finding new friends to cry over Aomine Daiki and Kurobas with!


• Reblog to spread the word? (not mandatory).

• Please fill out the application on the network page with the required information.

• A picture of Aomine is required, but it’s okay if it’s one that’s used more than once! (It would be greatly appreciated if it’s already 100x100 pixels, but not mandatory!)

• Also please be patient, if there are a lot of people signing up, it may take a bit for me to get everyone posted!

Contact me if there are any questions.

*EDIT: Here’s the badge if you want to put it on your profile!! 

My name is Aomine Daiki

oh sweet lord jesus why
all those Haikyuu posts
my eyes hurt